Suzanne’s Cloche, Wildflowers…and Glorious Fall!

Fall is here!! Let’s sing from the mountaintops. In this time of the Earth’s renewal in my corner of the world, I am finding a desire to take more pictures of things in decay, and as another process of life, notice this other side of Beauty.

fall 13 yellow leaf in decay

Tulip Poplar Leaf

fall berries sept 13

Unknown berries

goldenrod sept 13

Goldenrod is a true herald of Fall

fall thistle


Also fascinating to me the past couple of years are canopies. Just remember to look up! (Or under). Changing perspective on how we ‘normally’ view things is very exciting.

fall 13 canopy

I love the way the sunlight filters down through the leaves….

Knitting! Yes, there has been some! Still with me?

I did manage to release Suzanne’s Cloche last week, inspired by my sweet Canadian friend of the same name. Her and I have corresponded for some time now, she’s my way-cooler-than-me-soul mate-friend who speaks French, and I told her she needs to wear this hat while sitting at a classy little cafe way up North of me. Someday I am going to surprise her by showing up to meet her there too.

suzanne cloche on e back

Suzanne’s Cloche in all its’ red bow glory.

You can find this pattern on my website here, or over at Ravelry here. I would say it is an intermediate level, the chevron pattern really is simple one you get the hang of the increases/decreases. The directions for the stitch pattern are both written and charted. I was very happy to finally put good use to the Dream in Color Classy yarn I’ve been hoarding for entirely too long.

suzanne cloche on e close full

As you can see, it is slouchy as well, though more fitted like a traditional beret. I am so tickled with it. Of course if you wanted on a little less showy, you could (gasp!) not add the bow, or make it in the same color of yarn as the hat itself. My Sydney gave me the best compliment, she asked me if this was my ‘Hello Kitty’ hat. Yes Sydney, indeed it is.

I was super excited recently to get the latest copy of the Willow Yarns catalog in the mail, since there on Pg. 16 was my Wildflowers Cardigan!

wildflowers cardi for willow

wildflowers cardi for willow detail;

Blocking shot, detail of Wildflowers Knot stitch pattern

This draped front cardi was designed in a 50% wool, 50% acrylic single-ply, self-striping yarn called Brook. I was very impressed with this yarn, it is truly lovely to work with. The knot stitch is intuitive once you get going, the alternate rows are simply worked in stockinette stitch. The sweater has a fun construction as well, the back piece is knitted first, the fronts are picked up and worked out from the back, the sleeves and picked up and knitted in the round to the cuff, then finally you pick up and knit the large border collar. I like the longer length of the back too, it gives an overall classy look. The Wildflowers Cardigan pattern is available on the Willow Yarns website here .

Also, I wanted to share with this pretty bag I designed for my new company, available free on their website! You’ve got to love those bobbles as much as I do, I really enjoyed the contrast of these 2 yarns to make them ‘pop’!

bobble bag final phot

Studded Bobble Bag at Premier Yarns

bobble bag swatch

Here’s my crazy little swatch for this project!

Lastly, I am completely THRILLED to be a sponsor for a contest on my favorite podcast, Stash & Burn. Here’s the contest in a nutshell: Challenge – Use 13 yarns from your stash. Pick a yarn, pick a pattern, if it’s not working for you get rid of the yarn! This is an opportunity to look at those yarns that you have been holding onto, but not knitting. Use it, or lose it!

If you have never heard them before, definitely go & give them a listen. They have a wonderful rapport that makes you feel more like you are sitting in the room and chatting with 2 girlfriends about knitting. They talk about their current projects, techniques, and they frequently do reviews of new patterns and books. My small contribution is offering up some free patterns for the winners of the latest round of UILI! Here is also a link to their Ravelry group if you want to join the challenge: Stash & Burn Listeners Group.

I will try to be back sooner than later folks. It has been a while since I’ve written any poetry, so I will leave you with this morning’s bit for thought. Drop me a line and tell me how your world is.

Namaste all.

October Morning

Fog enfolds the gray landscape
In a dewy blanket full of hazy deception
Moving slowly and imperceptibly
Over all it passes and painlessly encapsulates

Circles in our lives, spinning back around
Everything comes home to where it began
Suffering needlessly when you turn away
From the truth you already know inside

Whispers in the deepest part of night to yourself
Are they from inside your own mind…?
Or are those ghosts having a bit of fun with your soul again,
Their own all-nighter, with you as their playground

The struggle will continue as the infinity of our nature
Shall force itself through known paths, again and again
Unless somehow the cycle is set to new course
Upon paths known, but somehow slightly altered

Unseen forces guiding through the deep thick
Of tangled roots in the forest of the mind
Teasing some of them open, cutting others
Until they are forced to change, to find new pathways.

This is my wish for you.

The Unseen Guest ‘Listen My Son’

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Paula
    Oct 31, 2013 @ 19:30:31

    Those are poke berries.


  2. AlisonH
    Nov 25, 2013 @ 21:11:52

    You do such nice work!


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