Too early…

queen annes lacde

Queen Anne’s Lace – delicate and lovely

Up too early, again.

Mind races, and the battle begins. Sleepy Self wants to stay in bed for ‘just 5 more minutes’, while Go-Getter Self say, ‘Rise & SHINE Sleepyhead, you’re already late!’ Blergh.

I reluctantly give in to Go-Getter, stumble my way to the coffee pot for fuel for this vessel. Put on the radio and before it begins, I already know exactly what song is going to play. Of course it’s that one, the one that makes you think too much before you’re even fully awake. That’s OK.

I’m taking it easy today. Which means I might be kind enough to myself to only do half of my to-do list. These days the nights are easier, falling asleep isn’t as much of a problem when Productive Self keeps you dosed up to the eyeballs with ‘To-Do’s’ and ‘To-Don’ts’ and ‘To-Sometimes’ and ‘You-Really-Should-Squeeze-This-One-In-Too’s’. Are you tired yet reading this? I am.

Hi Lovelies! How are you? This has been a good week, my Sydney went back to Philly with my Dad, so ‘just having one’ is easier and a small bit of a break. The downside is this is the one that still requires diaper changes…

Now it’s time to inundate you with pics of various things….if you follow me on FB, sorry for repeating some of these. I can only come up with so many great shots a week!

gravy making aug 13

Last night’s gravy was d-e-licious. Of course I need to add more toms, but it was sooo yummy. My new must-have ingredient when I make my own sauce is adding anchovies. It will add a depth of flavor that is fantastic, even most non-fish eaters will love it too. Meals have become less-extravagant lately, and I’m always glad when I can lose myself in the kitchen for a few hours…

wwc trail mountains

On the way to the trail…

e in car new hair aug 13

Being cheeky in the car…

butterfly party aug 13

Amazing Butterfly Party, this was so awesome to watch.

butterfly moth aug 13 1

The elusive Hummingbird Hawk-Moth, one of the most amazing creatures I’ve seen here.

nature center rattlesnake

Rattlesnake at The Nature Center

nature center mia goat

Petting goats, I think this goat wanted to come home with us.

nature center screech owl

Little half-blind Screech Owl at The Nature Center

nature center buddy bear

Is it wrong that I wanted to cuddle this bear so hard??

mia conference call waiting

Baby Destructo destroys house in 5 minutes flat while mama waits on her conference call….

pom beret on mia

Then she models a pom-pom beret for me…

luna moth 080913

I was completely thrilled that this little fella decided to stay on my window for 1/2 a day. Luna Moths are magical.

E starts a new project. This is a collaboration between myself and Maya of Springtree Road.

springtree road praline

Don’t you want to just reach out and squeeze it??

This yarn is called Praline dk (shown in colorway Limestone), and it is a delectable blend of 80% superwash merino / 10% cashmere / 10% nylon. Knitting with it is a delight of soft, squishy wonderment! Here’s the back of my sweater thus far….

shetland lace cardi beg

This is a simple, yet effective Shetland Lace pattern from the first Barbara Walker stitch dictionary. I like the way it accentuates the variegation in the yarn, so pretty.

Wishing good things for you this week. I’m going to get back to it! I leave you with the latest poem, I’ve been writing up a storm (she says, tongue in cheek) in the mornings. I think it gives my wandering mind a bit of rest. Enjoy.

The Storm

A wet wind, whips her hair and stings her face
Unkind wind no matter which direction she seeks
Walking quickly, faster still to move from that place
Until she manages her way to the creek

Only the creek is gone, in its’ place lies a river
Torrents of water rapidly pacing through
She takes off her jacket and makes her way in
Then gets swept downstream in the flood of her own undoing

She hits her head on a rock and away goes the world
Until she feels dirt underneath her hands again
Washed up on the shore of a new beginning
This land is quiet, peaceful – and she starts to mend

Her shattered mind, picking up pieces along the way
She carries them in her skirt, her shoes are long gone
She sees the sun, beams so bright they hurt her eyes
As she slowly walks towards a new dawn.


The Head and the Heart ~ Lost In My Mind

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. monicaa22
    Aug 11, 2013 @ 18:17:24

    Very pretty!!


  2. canarysanctuary
    Aug 13, 2013 @ 15:35:12

    All your pics are pretty, but I really like the butterfly parade! Thanks as well for your lovely comment on my blog:)


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