Out of the bag…

So, dear ones. How are you? How is your summer/fall/winter wherever you are? Summer has been most pleasant here in Western NC, which I am grateful for on a daily basis.

Recently, I was contacted by a yarn company called Universal Yarn, which is based out of Charlotte, NC. They were expanding their design team and encouraged me to apply. Well I did, and now I’m one of their independent designers!

Which would explain my absence here. Since I have started, it has been a wild and crazy ride. I can honestly say that this is the most fun and challenging job I’ve ever had and I love it! Apparently I was very ready for a good challenge, and with all the growth and pattern development happening, let’s just say I’ll never be bored. For my crazy mind, that is a good thing for sure. They have some very unusual yarns, which is twisting my brain into knots trying to come up with creative uses for them.

I’m hoping to be able to share with you soon some of my design projects for my new company. Most of these will be offered up as free patterns on their website. I will still work on my own label, but will be producing less since I have a lot less time on my hands now. I hope you will still stick around to follow my journey!

couture jazz yarns

This is some of the wild and crazy yarn I get to work with!

couture jazz vase

I cut some pieces off and covered this vase with them. (It’s a stretchy, pre-knitted tube, called Couture Jazz.)

This week, I also have my Dad in town staying with us. This past weekend was a lot of fun, as Asheville had it’s yearly downtown festival, Bele Chere. It’s really sad since allegedly this will be the last one, due to budget cuts. I hope some people fight for this, since it’s a yearly tradition to a lot of us!

bele chere mia mermaid

The balloon artist gave the mermaid a tattoo, since ‘she’s an Asheville mermaid!’

bele chere sydney monkey hat

It’s a monkey in a tree!

On Sunday, Dad and I went for an adventure down to Lake Lure. We rented a canoe for 4 hours, and I didn’t get nearly as burnt as I expected – AND – I caught a bunch of fish!

lake lure e fish july 13

Catch of the day

Once I got on that lake, all my stressed pretty much melted away. Now I just need to get a kayak. Then find the time to actually go on a lake! I’m just grateful for being able to have that time with my Dad, it’s pretty special.

lake lure black eyed susan

Flower & Mountains at Lake Lure

lake lure white flower mountain

Be well, my friends. Do something amazing.

A Notice

When you give something your whole heart, your whole self
Time slips by almost unnoticed
As you get lost in your current dilemma
Your life, your passion, your soul
All folding into one
When the pain creeps it almost goes

What is this feeling I have been avoiding?
In the recesses of my mind it lives
The fine art of avoidance continues
As I try to find ways to fill the time
So as not to ponder upon such things
Yet they remain…hidden.
In that most sacred spot

The soul is a mysterious place
Full of memories, dreams, hopes
Despair, loss, drama…and a well
Of lost feelings
Do you tap into the bucket and pull those up?
Or cut the rope…


Damien Rice – ‘Delicate’

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jocelyn
    Jul 30, 2013 @ 14:52:40

    Oh my wonderful!!!! Congratulations, Liz. You will do wonderfully I am sure of it. Have fun on this new journey. I look forward to seeing your new creations.


  2. yarnmama10
    Jul 30, 2013 @ 20:54:43

    Well Congratulations are in order then! Good for you. Beautiful pictures of the mountains.:-)


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