House of Heathens

garden cherry tomatoes july 13

The little cherry tomatoes are coming!!

The summer after we first moved into this neighborhood, my next door neighbors decided to have a sort of ‘block’ party at the end of the road. Which basically meant they posted some signs, a few people made food, set up some chairs, and an extremely awkward congregation followed.

This neighborhood is a fair mix of people – age-wise, there are probably mostly elderly people here, but over the last couple of years, a lot of younger people / families have been moving in. This little ‘party’ had a mix of both.

My little Mia was a mere 6 months old at that point and we had the built-in excuse for not staying too long with ‘the baby needs to nap!’ line ready to go. SO. We walked down the road with the stroller (me with nerve-calming wine sippy cup in hand) and tried to introduce ourselves (at least I did, D is way too shy) to our new neighbors. When asked where we lived, I would usually tell people that we had bought the ‘cops house’, as two police officers lived here before us.

My well-meaning next door neighbor brought her little boom box to the party to play some music. The pastor who lives across the street from me asked her to turn it off (she was playing oldies I believe) because it was ‘giving him an ulcer’. Seriously. OK, no music. More awkwardness ensues, as if that were possible.

I tried to act cool as the older ladies were fawning over Mia and playing ‘pass the baby’ like she was a sack of potatoes. Then one woman says, “I know where you live. You have the house with the gargoyle.” Well, yes – in fact we do. The tone of her voice gave away her displeasure with us daring to have that thing in our yard, and she apparently took some sort of offense with that.

Since then, it’s been sort of an ongoing joke between D and I. I am highly amused by the fact that most of my neighbors are Christians and could be offended by a concrete statue, and the irony that it portrays the very kind of statues that to this day grace the tops of most old churches to ward off evil spirits.

gargoyle outside house 1

Don’t let those cute faces fool you…this is a bad house, full of bad people.

gargoyle outside house close

Gargoyle with his drinking buddy Ivan, I’ll save his story for another time…

Now whenever I tell people I meet in the neighborhood, I proudly tell them that we are in the house with the gargoyle. Everyone seems to know where that is. Which is fine by me. Last week I met a new neighbor who bought one of the houses in the new development at the end of the road. I told him where we lived and he said excitedly said “I really need to get two of those!” Progress.

…Still here??…

Oh, and by the way I finished something! (That’s for me…me…me.)

ainslee on e front 1

This is my dolman-style summer pullover. Please bug me to finish the pattern, because you really need one!

Super comfy and easy to wear, this is the top I designed for a bathing suit cover-up, or to wear over your cami and shorts, like I have here. I’m going to try to get an actual pattern together in the next week or so. Hope you guys like it!

ainslee on e close white

This was too much fun and I’m kind of sad it’s done now. Easy, pretty lace that looks way more complicated than it actually is.

ainslee on e in white 1

Pull down those shorts!! (I thought this one was slightly silly.)

ainslee on e back closer

ainslee shoulder detail

Have a great weekend all.

The Path

Love lights the path to futures unknown
To leap with a faith that all will be well
It is your choice as to whether or not follow
To trust your heart and in it dwell

For what your truth is right now
Was not known to you long ago
The pillow on which your head gently rests
Is yesterdays thoughts come aglow

I choose Love to guide my wandering mind
Across this land of questions so full
It will lead and in its wake I will follow
For all of my days I will feel its thrill

For what is your life right now
But a series of choices you’ve made
Follow your soul lest it be taken
By others not so well behaved.


Eilen Jewell – High Shelf Booze

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jocelyn
    Jul 14, 2013 @ 11:16:56

    The cherry tomatoes look awesome. Well done, you! And the dolman-style top, wow! I want one now. Pattern please! And I did laugh at your block party story, sorry you had to suffer through that.


    • countingsheepstudio
      Jul 18, 2013 @ 10:57:45

      Thanks. Really looking forward to making some sauces/salsa with those tomatoes. No more block parties for me any time soon…but since it was pretty lackluster, I doubt anyone really wants a repeat event anyways. I’ll get on that pattern!


  2. John
    Aug 03, 2013 @ 13:22:14

    Love the gargoyle!! And I really hate those types of parties. They make me feel awkward. I would love to hear the story about Ivan and the gargoyle


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